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Finding the Perfect Policy for You

Ensure you have an affordable life insurance policy when you turn to MUSCARELLO INSURANCE SERVICES, LLC. We provide a variety of plans for each phase of your life. As your Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based advisor, we pride ourselves in providing life insurance recommendations from several top insurance carriers. Having access to multiple carriers allows us to make a recommendation for a company that suits you. Several of the carriers include:

• John Hancock ™
• Protective ™
• Prudential ™
• MET Life ™
• Guardian ™
• Lincoln Financial ™
• Genworth ™
• TransAmerica ™
• American General ™

Trusted Partnerships

MUSCARELLO INSURANCE SERVICES, LLC is partnered with Cavalier Associates, LLP, a 50-year-old life insurance and annuity brokerage general agency with offices in the Simi Valley of California. As one of the largest independent-owned agencies in the country, Cavalier Associates maintains outstanding relationships with the major life insurance and annuity carriers in the industry. More importantly, Cavalier Associates provides impeccable service to their clients, such as local brokers like us. This assures a smoother experience for purchasing life and other financial products.

Cavalier Associates

Since its inception, Cavalier Associates has catered to the upscale insurance professional, and strives to be an exceptional resource to those in the insurance brokerage community who seek the best product, sales support and underwriting processes for their clients. Our staff is responsible for identifying and capitalizing on market trends and product opportunities for the agents and brokers we serve.

Term Insurance

Having term insurance is the simplest form of life coverage. This allows you to purchase a certain amount of coverage for a specific period of time. If you should die during the coverage period, your designated beneficiary receives the coverage amount you selected for this policy. This gives you the option to renew coverage if your selected coverage period expires.

Grandfather with His Grandson

Whole Life

This form of life coverage is similar to term insurance. However, this purchase provides coverage throughout the duration of your natural lifetime. There is no specific amount of time that needs to be selected. Premiums remain constant throughout the life of the policy. Part of your premium is invested through the insurer. These are usually safe or guaranteed return investments.

Universal Life

With universal life coverage, you're able to choose how much you wish to contribute to the policy above the minimum premium. This allows the insurer to project the performance of the policy using current assumptions. While most fund this type policy with projections to last till age 90,95 or 100, many include no-lapse guarantees no matter future economic conditions. These policies build cash value which a portion is used to finance premiums in later years. Depending on the specific policy you select designated beneficiaries either receive the face value of the policy or all or part of the funds in the cash account plus the face value amount.